20210522 Alley

Next to my house is an alley. It is too small for cars but it is still a busy road for pedestrians and cyclists. The alley leads to the street along the river that runs through the city. From the window on the first floor of my house you have a good view of the alley and you can see part of the bridge that crosses the river. That's also the reason why the alley is so popular. Through the alley is the quickest way to get to the bridge. When I tell people from my town where I live, I just tell them about the bridge and the alley and that I live on the corner and then everybody knows where I live and most people say, ok, I know that place, that's the new building in that cute little street. I pass it every day. And I just know that they are just being polite when they say 'that new building' when in fact they would like to say, oh, you mean that ugly building in that lovely street of which nobody gets why it was ever allowed to be built in the first place.

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