20210525 Shed

At the back of the garden is a small shed with a curved roof from beige plastic. Over the years it filled up with trash and stuff that just lay there, waiting to become trash. It got so bad that we could still open the door, but there was no room left to enter the shed. Like with the closet in our bedroom we were quite ashamed about the state of our shed, but then again, our lives were so busy that we had plenty of excuses not to feel so ashamed that the mess haunted us in our dreams. For some reason, one month ago, I decided that it was finally time to take action. And this time I was going to do it right. This time I would clean out all the mess and bring complete order to the shed. I started on a Saturday around 10 am and filled my car to the roof with garbage and brought it to the recycling station. And then I took another trip to the recycling station. It took me four Saturdays and 9 trips to the recycling station, but the result is that I am again able to stand inside the shed for the first time in years. There was also stuff I decided to keep, like gardening tools and equipment. I spend another day sorting out all the equipment and gardening tools and I bought hooks with which I was able to hang the equipment on the walls of the shed. Now you can also walk around in the shed if you wanted to. Not that it makes for an interesting walk. It takes about three seconds. I also decided to park my bike in the shed for the first time in years, instead of parking it outside the shed in the garden. I feel incredibly proud of myself that I actually did this. It feels a bit like a victory. A victory over my own laziness.

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