20210529 Beech

We don't have a front garden. The street in front of our house is narrow and entirely made of red bricks that cover the entire street. The rose on the corner of our house found a very small stretch of sand, not wider than perhaps two centimeters between the bricks of the road and the bricks of our house. I admire such tenacity, trying to make a life between bricks. I don't know if the former owners planted the rose there or not. They probably did, but the spot is so narrow that it must have been difficult. Next to the rose we gained several new companions in recent years. It started with a small beech tree. I like beech trees so I let it grow until it reached a hight of one meter and my eldest daughter started to complain about it. She thought the spot was unsuitable for a tree and I should cut it down. But I didn't and now, two years later she is still complaining. She insists I cut it down and I'm inclined to agree with her. The tree is now almost five meters high and when a delivery truck drives through our narrow street the branches hit the top of the truck when it drives by. So a couple of months ago I finally agreed to cut it down, but I hesitated to actually do it and now my daughter is angry with me because of my broken promise. You promised to cut it down! And then I agree with her that I did, but I am always making up excuses why I don't have time for this. And now it's spring again and the branches of the beech tree are green again and I enjoy the site of this silly tree that thought it would be a good idea to grow in this impossible spot in this narrow street.

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