20210601 Balcony

On the side of the house, in the alley, our bedroom also has a French balcony. Sitting in the bed you can open a pair of doors and then you're faced with a metal railing that protrudes about 10 centimeters. This French balcony is the most useless balcony in the entire city. You can't do anything with it. You can't sit on it, you can't even put any plants on it, because it is a balcony without a floor. It's just a door and railings to keep you from crashing to your death. Why not just a window? There are more of these choices in the architecture of this house that make me wonder about the architect. He must have had a bad day when he designed this house. Or he may have been one of the worst architects in the country. Someone who doesn't know what he's doing and designing features that make no sense at all. I have been living in this mistake for 18 years now.

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