20210602 Heliophobia

On the top floor there are two large rooms. Half of the house has a flat roof, but on the side of the alley it has a tilted roof, effectively cutting the usable space in half. The height of the roof is also less than on other floors. It is about 2.10 meters so with my 1.87 meters I jumped once and learned to never do that again. The worst thing though about the rooms on the top floor are the windows. There are only two very small windows on the front and on the back side of the house. Those two windows are placed close together. I've always wondered why that might be a good idea. The windows are so narrow that there isn't much light coming in and as a consequence both rooms are very dark, even on the most sunny of days. If I were the architect I would have put in at least one large window instead of those silly narrow windows we have now. And I would have put some roof windows in the tilted roof. But no, we're stuck with two dark rooms that are just ideal for people with heliophobia.

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