20210603 Yellow

When we moved into the house all the woodwork and several walls were bright yellow. I have nothing against yellow, but I now know that too much yellow can give you a depression. We tried to get rid of the most offending yellow bits, but when you have a busy life and kids and not enough money, you learn to live with a yellow existence. The strange thing is that it has bred an allergy for yellow in other things, even though we hardly see the yellow around us anymore. When I walk into another house and see a yellow wall, or a yellow door I get a physical reaction of repulsion. I also dislike people with yellow clothes and I hate yellow cars. But when I come home and see all the yellow woodwork that's still left, I just go numb. There is no life energy left within me to do something about it. This is the way the world is punishing me for my sins and I have to live with it. Worse, I have to live within it.

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