20210608 Parquet

When bought the house there was a parquet floor on the ground floor and the top floor. The parquet consisted of small strips of wood arranged in squares. The top floor also had the room with all the fittings for the washing machine and dryer. So we placed the washing machine there and didn't think anything of it. Until the drainage for the washing machine got clogged and the entire floor was flooded with water. I managed to clean the mess quickly, but the damage to the parquet floor was already done. The strips turned brown and grey and the small strips started to buckle. It was a nasty sight. I called a service to declog the drainage pipes and the guy started to laugh when he saw the situation. He said that the pipes had been fitted by an amateur. He had never seen such a mess. And who would be so stupid as to put the washing machine on an expensive parquet floor. I am sure that he is still telling his colleagues about our house years later and that they are still having a good laugh about it.

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