20210610 Doorbell

The classic doorbell is as low as low-tech can get. And yet our doorbell hardly ever works. I tried to fix it years ago and installed a new doorbell button, but when you press it it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. The problem is not the doorbell button or the bell itself, but the problem is somewhere within the walls of the house. My guess is that the cables inside the wall are somehow broken. We probably should hire an electrician to install new cables, but that seems like a waste of money for such a small issue. Friends know they can better knock on the window if they want to see us and if there’s no reaction they sometimes walk around to the alley to listen if they can hear us in the garden. I thought about installing one of these fancy new smart home video doorbells, but I’m too privacy minded to allow such an invasive Big Tech surveillance technology into my home. So we’re stuck with a broken doorbell. If it wasn’t for the ugly modern architecture of my house, I would install a classic cast iron door knocker on my door. You’ll never have an issue with broken wires or empty batteries with those.

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