20210613 Closet

When my great-great-grandmother married my great-great-grandfather in 1900 they got two beds, nightstands and a closet as a wedding gift. More than a century later, my sister and her husband sleep in those beds with those nightstands next to them and the closet stands on the top floor of my house. My aunt told me that the furniture was hand build by a furniture maker as his master piece. It's all hand made from sturdy oak with a nice classic look. My sister put some really nice new mattresses in those beds and she's very happy with them. The closet is rather big and we didn't have any space for it in our bedrooms on the first floor. So we put it in the only room left where we could put it, in the front room on the top floor, next to the washing machine. It is the least attractive room in our house, because it's a complete mess up there. I already wrote about the back room on that floor, but the room at the front is even more depressing. It's filled with boxes with all the stuff we have that has nowhere else to go. Stuff from our childhood, tools, camping gear, old clothes, the ironing board, and then of course the washing machine, dryer, boiler and that closet. Because there's no room left to walk, we stuffed the closet with old clothes that we cannot get ourselves to throw away, because some fine day we'll fit in those clothes again. As if... The result is that my wife refuses to do the laundry. She says she'll slip into a severe depression if she ever enters that room again. That's why, for the last couple of years I've done the laundry and ironing in our house. I don't ever want to see my wife depressed again. We've had enough of that already, but that's another story. Now, every time I enter this room, I feel ashamed about the chaos around this beautiful closet and I imagine my great-great-grandparents looking down from heaven with disgust.

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