20210614 Bookcase

When I was single I bought this very cool bookcase for my living room. I bought it in a very expensive design shop where I purchased it for around month salary. It was by a fancy Italian brand and designed by a famous Swiss designer. The bookcase had been a showroom model and if I had bought a new one it would have cost double the amount. I had saved for over a year to be able to buy it and it was the pride of my house. Only the most beautiful and most loved books were allowed to stand in this bookcase. And then I met my wife. We moved together and got kids. She loved the bookcase, but also wanted a tv. So we removed two of the bookshelves and now a TV fills the bottom part of the bookcase. I also had to give up a bookshelf for family photos and trinkets and I'm left with the two top shelves for my most loved books. It hurts my soul to the core to see them there, together with those trinkets and that ugly TV. Life is a compromise. Love hurts.

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