20210615 Floor

We had parquet on the ground floor and after 15 years we were so disgusted with how shabby floor looked that we finally replaced it. The floor had floor heating, but since we moved in here that never worked and we relied on the radiators that were also present. So when we replaced the floor the guy in the shop told us that wooden floors are not ideal with floor heating and we ended up with a pvc floor. It seemed to us a relatively cheap choice. So they ripped out the old floor and installed new floor heating. Then this guy from the shop told me they would install the floor the next day. I asked him if they shouldn't smooth the floor before installing the pvc floor, but he said that wasn't necessary. I wasn't sure. They had filled the grooves of the floor heating superficially, but to me the floor looked rather bumpy. I thought it would have to be really smooth, but I decided that they were the experts and surely it would all turn out fine. It didn't. Next day the floor was installed and it looked rather bumpy to me. They said this was how it was supposed to look and that it would level out after while. It didn't. I had already paid for everything so when I started calling them after a week that it had not levelled out, but instead had gotten even bumpier, they did not return my calls. That was two years ago. The shop closed and went broke and our floor now looks like a broken chess board that is dangerous to cross, because you are always in danger of tripping over bumps and ridges. We have learned to lift up our foot higher and to tread carefully as if our living room was a minefield that you need to cross with the utmost attention, or risk being blown to pieces.

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