20210617 Chair

My great-grandfather did research on the family history one hundred years ago and found a lot of interesting stories about all the failed attempts of my forefathers to become successful. He also found out that our family had a very nice family crest, dating back tot he early 17th century. It holds a winged heart and roses and my guess is my forefathers were good people with big hearts and a love of nature. They were mainly butchers and every now and then there was also a minister. My great-grandfather had a chair made out of sturdy oak and on the back seat of it you can see our family crest. The chair is still quite nice one hundred years later. It’s not very comfortable to sit on, but it looks nice. We now have it standing next to our bed in the bedroom and we usually use it to dump our used clothes on in the evening. If I had a bigger house I would probably give it a more respectable place, but for now this is it. Perhaps my children will know what to do with it and perhaps they will be more successful and have bigger and more beautiful houses in which this chair can shine.

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