20210618 Dogs

At the end of our street is a small park with a playground for kids and a couple of footpaths where dog owners stroll with their dogs. But many dog owners find it tiresome to walk their dogs all those 200 meters tot he park and they just walk around the block. And since many of them refuse to pick up the poo, our alley is rarely very nice to walk through. It has gotten a little better over the years because we have these dog litter trashcans everywhere and the social pressure has risen and people are less tolerant when they see offenders walk away. But still, somehow this doesn’t count for our alley. It seems to me that because it is a narrow alley and because there are few windows looking out on the alley, people find it easier to walk away and the result is that our poo alley is even more interesting for dogs and their owners. Dogs love to come here and owners feel as if it is almost acceptable here to walk away, because everybody is doing it. This alley is a lost cause and nobody is doing anything about it. In the more fancy streets around the corner I never see anything like in our alley. The worst thing is that the smell carries over the wall and we can enjoy it while sitting in the garden.

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