20210619 Cats

While the alley is very popular with dogs, our garden is the talk of the town among cats. We are probably the only house in the neighbourhood without a cat so all cats of the neighbourhood come to our garden to take a shit. They shit everywhere. In the garden beds, on the grass, in the flower pots. When the kids were small and when they wanted to play outside, we always had to inspect the garden first, especially the grass, because more than once, if we didn’t, they would rush outside and play in the grass and then come in after 30 seconds covered in cat shit from top to bottom. I tried to scare the cats away, but nothing really helped and I gave up after a couple of years. I tried to convince neighbours that they should allow their cats to shit in a litter box, but they all said that their cats weren’t used to those and they weren’t prepared to try. Their cats had shit in our garden all their life and we should simply get used to it. We did.

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