20210620 Ventilation

Some things in life you take for granted and you never really think about it. Our house has a central ventilation system and it just works. On the top floor, next to the washing machine there is a metal box and inside must be a ventilator. The ventilator blows the air outside through a small metal chimney. There is a metal ventilation shaft that goes from the ventilator all around the wall to the other side of the room and then it goes down to the bathroom and then further down to the kitchen and toilet. It is the kind of ventilation shaft we all know from the movies. Mission Impossible, Die Hard, The Terminator, Jurassic Park. There are probably plenty of other movies where the hero crawls through one of these shafts. Unfortunately, the ventilation shafts here are not as big as they are in the US. Crawling through them would only be possible for a baby sized Tom Cruise. And of course there is no reason at all to crawl through our ventilation shafts. No secret computers, no terminators, no dinosaurs. I live in the most boring house in town and the only thing that’s crawling through our ventilation shafts are cockroaches and spiders.

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