20210622 Rug

Under the lounge table we have a rug. We bought it at Ikea. It has a pattern of colourful oval shapes on a greyish background. It's not the first rug we have there. When the kids were small the rug got dirty so fast that it usually was impossible to clean after a year or two. We tried to clean it, but after a while it used to be covered with so many stains that the special cleaning products we used were no longer any good. So then we would head out again to Ikea to buy a new one. The rug we have now has irritated me from the beginning. It looks quite nice actually, but there is one corner that refuses to lie on the ground and it is always curved upwards and now, after a year, we still keep stumbling over that stupid corner. I mean, you have one task, to lie on the floor and you can't even do that right? I tried to curl it back down, but somehow it always gets back up there. I really hate that rug. It's about time to go to Ikea again.

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