20210626 Gutter

The state of our roof gutter is mildly troubling. It is made from wood and I have never seen it from above, so I’m not sure how it looks from the inside. We had it painted seven years ago and recently I noticed that on the corner of the house the roof gutter is sagging a bit. My feeling is that this is not a good sign. There probably is something structurally wrong with it. The wood might be rotting and I might need to do something about it. Having no clue at all how serious this is, it is easy to do nothing and hope fort he best. Let’s wait another year and see how it looks then. If the sagging gets worse, I might have to take action. On the other hand I’m afraid that next year it will indeed be worse and that the contractor will then say, I’m terribly sorry, but if you had called me a year earlier I could have fixed it easily, but now it’s so rotten that we will have to replace the entire gutter and it will cost you a fortune. So I should probably make some calls to make sure, but on the other hand I know that right now I’m too busy and it’s easy to make excuses and hope for the best.

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