20210628 Wardrobe

When you enter our bedroom there is a large wardrobe on the right spanning the wall from left to right. It has three sliding doors with mirrors. When closed, they make our bedroom look really big. When opened, they make our bedroom look real messy. So we keep them closed as much as possible. My side of the wardrobe is filled with clothes that do not fit me anymore. The doors are difficult to open and close. I bet when they were new that you could open and close them smoothly, but these days you need real strength to move them aside. Last year I tried to close the door on the right and it got stuck somehow behind some shoes. When I tried to force it, the shoe sprung loose and the door smashed shut with my index finger between the door and the wall. The force broke my index finger. It was the first time in my life that I broke something. Now my hatred for this wardrobe has increased even more. Last month my wife had a similar problem. She managed to close the door with such force that the mirror broke. It now has a large crack from top to bottom. We looked at the company that made the wardrobe, but it doesn't exist anymore. That does not surprise me.

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