20210629 Drawer

In the kitchen we have three drawers for cutlery. The left and right drawers are an utter mess. Those hold all the stuff we only need every now and then, like our corkscrew. Who needs a corkscrew these days? Most wine bottles come with aluminium caps and only every now and then we buy a bottle that comes with a cork and we need to find that corkscrew again and the search begins in the left drawer hurling around all the other stuff in there until we find the corkscrew. The drawer on the right has all kinds of medicine in it, band-aids and cutlery we never use, but can't find it in our heart to throw away. Like the old knives from my grandparents that don't look very nice anymore, but hey, they were from my grandparents and I can't throw them away like that. And then we have the middle drawer, the one we use all day to get out our knives, forks and spoons and small sharp kitchen knives we use during cooking. I tried to get some order in there, but it is a constant struggle against the careless ways of the ladies in our home. They don't seem to care about what goes where and they just throw everything in there like they please. And I always try to bring order to chaos, putting the forks on the left, spoons in the middle and knives on the right and small items in the small compartment in the front. And then there are two long compartments left and right that are filled with items like longer knives, our cheese slicer, ice scoop and so on. Those items sometimes ends up on the left and then again on the right. It is not a huge issue to me, but I keep trying to bring some kind of order in this drawer. I have given up that quest with all the other drawers. I'm wasting my time in my quest for order.

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