20210630 Sockets

One of the mysteries of our house is why there are so few wall sockets. On the first and second floor each room has only one socket. On the ground floor in the living room, it is a bit better. There we have four on each corner of the room. And everywhere the sockets are almost on eye level. Which is not a very nice sight, because you now have electric cables hanging down everywhere. I would have put them out of sight somewhere 10 or 20 centimeters above ground. We considered an electrician to change those sockets and add some more on the other floors, but it was an awful lot of money to spend on such an issue, so we left it like this. Perhaps I'm also a bit like my father. When my parents decided to remodel their house, my father took the chance to change the electrics. Now there are about 30 wall sockets all over the living room. You never have to stand up and you never need a cord that's longer than a meter. A lot of people made jokes about it when they saw the result at my parents house, but I think I prefer my father's philosophy on this one.

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