20210701 Dispenser

We thought it would be practical, so we bought our kitchen with an integrated soap dispenser. After five years, we decided to go back to an old fashioned piece of soap. The soap dispenser had a long metal tube that you had to push down to get some soap, but after one year that tube turned out to be fragile. I pushed on it and it broke off. So I ordered a new one for the price of about 50 pieces of soap and that one broke after two years. You could still push on the knob that was left and then a bit of soap would spill out of the hole where the tube was supposed to be. We did that for a while, but it always created a mess that you had to clean up afterwards. So we gave up and bought a nice looking soap dish in the second hand shop and some really nice pieces of soap and I wonder why on earth we thought the soap dispenser would be a good idea.

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