20210704 Hat

Our historic coatrack has a hat rack on top where we place our hats. I like hats. When I was in Australia I bought a really nice Akubra hat I wear a lot when I go out. Hats are practical. When the sun shines my hat keeps the sun out of my eyes, it protects me against sunburn and when it rains, it helps to keep my glasses dry. I hate it when I’m outside in the rain that I have to constantly clean my glasses to retain a clear view. What I don’t get is that hats are not more popular. Why is it that 100 years ago everybody wore a hat and that these days hardly anybody wears one. Hats are old fashioned. I guess somewhere in the 1940s and 50s wearing a hat became the symbol of old people and the image of the hat never recovered from that. I don’t care for fashion and I’m quite happy with the hat rack we have. It’s perfect.

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