20210705 Padrón

I have been trying to grow plants on the windowsill in the living room.The first year I tried it most plants died within a month or two. Gradually I got better at this, but when we went on a vacation and I couldn't find anybody to take care of them all of them had died by the time we got back. So I started over again and now my oldest plant is about two years old. But still plants keep dying every now and then. I'm not sure why. Too much water, not enough water, too much sun. Who knows. I feel that if I keep this up I might actually be good at this when I'm 90 years old. I told my neighbour about my new hobby and now she brings me new plants every now and then. My newest is a Padrón pepper that she gave me while it was still quite small and now, a couple of weeks later it is already 30 centimeters high. I'm really doing my best to keep this one alive, because I love Padrón peppers and it would be really cool to grow my own. When in Spain those roasted Padrón peppers with lots of salt are my favourite snack and I'm thinking of growing these on the whole width of my windowsill if this first plant is a success.

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