20210706 Watering

First I used an old glass water bottle to water my plants, but then my mother-in-law gave me a watering-can, because she thought the bottle was not practical. She gave me a small black plastic watering can with a long narrow nozzle. It looks nice, but it turned out to be terrible in the one thing it was made for. Somehow, when you tilt the watering can, water gulps out very suddenly and even when I try to be careful it still gulps out too fast every time. So every time I try to water the plants I make a big mess of it pouring half the water outside the plant pot and making a mess on the windowsill. I complained about this to my wife, but she said I shouldn't be so ungrateful with my present. So now I use it every time and just take towel with me to clean up the mess afterwards. I hate it when such simple items suck. I mean, how difficult can it be to make a useful watering can? Do these companies that make these cheap watering cans even test them when they design them, or do they just think that they will be okay. Unfortunately there is now shop in my town where you can buy a decent watering can. Everybody only sells the same cheap crap. What has become of our society? We can make smartphones and send robot helicopters to Mars, but we have forgotten how to make watering cans.

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