20210707 Aunt

When my aunt died at the age of 100 we inherited a small closet that we really liked. It is from the late 19th Century and it has classicist elements, with classic looking columns on the left and right, a large drawer and two doors below it that give access to two shelves. The closet is made from very beautiful wood with a lovely structure. We thought it was really special and I can still see it standing in the small guest room where I slept when we visited my aunt. And then I met my wife and her parents had exactly the same closet that they inherited from their family. I now think that it is some kind of late 19th Century Ikea furniture, the precursor of the Billy or Malm that every second family in the country had standing around somewhere. That was a bit disappointing and changed my view of the closet slightly. I still love it and we keep important documents in the closet and on top of it I always have a fresh bouquet of flowers and an old photograph of my aunt when she was a young woman.

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