20210710 Deer

Ten years ago we bought a tapestry at Ikea and hung it on the wall of the hallway. The tapestry has an abstract image of a deer and we liked the look of it. It is modern and colourful. The wall in the hallway had been empty the first years we lived here. It’s one of those things in life that you notice and of which we had said to each other that we should buy something nice fort his wall, but it is not important enough to actually take the time to do something about it. Once we bought a very beautiful poster of tulips by a 17th century artist, but when we came home we concluded that it did not look right on that wall and that poster is now gathering dust somewhere in the attic. And then we saw this tapestry at Ikea and we really liked it and we both thought it might look nice on our wall. So we bought it, even though it wasn’t cheap. And when we hung it on the wall it indeed looked nice. But I feel that I haven’t looked at this tapestry ever since. I know it is there, I have a vague image in my mind of how it looks, but it is not an image that captures the imagination. I will probably notice immediately when somebody removes it, but in daily life it has become invisible, just as most things in life we never notice. Life is mostly moving along on autopilot. We are sleepwalking through life, focused on single issues and we are conscious only of other things around us a fraction of the time.

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