20210711 Ivy

Our garden has a brick wall on the side of the alley that is fully covered by ivy. I respect ivy because of its enormous capacity to grow, but it also means that I have to trim the ivy three times a year. Our garden would get smaller and smaller and the alley would become too narrow for bicycles to pass each other if I did not trim the ivy on that side. I bought myself a pair of classic hedge-shears to trim the ivy. My wife asked me why I did not buy one of those fancy electric hedge trimmers? Most guys love to buy those tools and show how they can trim a hedge in minutes like a pro. I guess I’m not that type of guy. I like to work with simple tools and perhaps it has also to do with my job, sitting around in front of a laptop all day. When I have to do something that actually involves physical activity I try to use this as a physical workout. Trimming the Ivy in the alley is a good workout, three times a year.

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