20210713 TV

We have a flatscreen tv that is about 12 years old. It is a 37" Philips and after all those years it is still working fine. It's a HD tv, which was state of the art back then, but I guess that's almost old fashioned these days where most tv's are at least 4K. I don't watch a lot of tv. We watch the news every now and then and my wife likes to watch soap series when she's tired, which is pretty much every night. My kids do not understand the concept of tv. They have their smartphone and Chromebook from school and they can watch tv there. So why bother sitting in the living room. I sometimes miss watching together. We have gotten used to watching everything on our own device. The only time we watch together is when we watch a movie together on Friday evening, which is family movie night. Every week one of us is allowed to select a movie of choice. The rules are that the others are not allowed to complain about the movie and you're not allowed to play around with your smartphone during the movie. Which is hard at times. The kids usually choose the latest superhero movie, which bores me to death and my wife and I usually choose an arthouse or classic movie and our kids never cease to amaze us with their boredom and comments afterwards. Sometimes they're right. They are still talking about how terrible The Dressmaker was, three years after we watched it together. And they usually make comments like, oh ,o, not another Dressmaker movie when we choose yet another hard to swallow arthouse movie. We still enjoy those movie nights, even though the movies are terrible. It's the only night during the week that we really feel like a family, and it's thanks to the tv.

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