20210714 Garlands

The lamp above the dining table has a long arm you can swivel around so that you can adjust the position. Sometimes, when we have guests, we move the table and then it's very neat that you can adjust the position of the lamp so that it stays exactly above the table. When it's someones birthday we always hang long garlands across the living room and we also have a short garland that we wrap around the arm of the lamp. This short garland is made of silvery pieces of aluminium and it looks so nice that we left it around the lamp arm after the birthday. And now we've gotten used to this garland so much that it is as if it was part of the lamp's design. And we tell each other that it is a reminder of the fact that there always is something to celebrate each and every day. Sort of. But we usually forget about that. And also, after a while, you forget about the garland. Only when we have visitors that make a remark about it, that we have such a nice lamp with this silvery garland, do we see it again.

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