20210715 Exhaust

We like to cook, but our kitchen is small. That is a problem. If you cook a lot you end up with lots of tools and ingredients and you always are looking for places to store stuff. Indian food is our favourite and we also have a cool Lebanese cookbook that we use a lot. Part of these cuisines is that you use a lot of different spices. I mean, a lot! It's not uncommon to use more that ten different spices in one recipe. So now we have about forty different pots with different spices that we use regularly. We have drawer under the oven that we initially used for all those different spices, but it was too small and many pots we bought simply did not fit. So we started to put the spices on top of the exhaust hood and now that is so crammed with spice pots that we started to stack them and I started to worry that one day the exhaust hood will come down because of the weight of all those spices. That would create a fine mess.

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