20210719 Avocado

For two years I tried to grow an avocado. I took the pit, pushed three toothpicks on three sides and put it on a glass of water with the round bottom under water. After a couple of weeks roots would start to grow down into the water. I was so proud to see it grow and I looked at them every day to see how it was going. But somehow, after a while, that was all that happened. There was nothing coming out on the top and then the root would rot and die. I tried this four times and always with the same result. I was ready to give up, but decided to try one more time. And lo and behold, this time, the roots started to grow and grow and then it stopped again and I decided to let it sit on the window sill because I did not want to admit my final defeat. My wife started to ask me when I would stop this silly experiment. Nothing was gonna happen. I should try another hobby. She had thrown away other failed experiments of mine and I guess she would have thrown this one away if I had not insisted that I wanted to give it one more week. And believe it or not, at the end of that week the avocado started to grow again and a little green sprout started to make its way up into the sky. It was a kind of hallelujah moment that made me so happy! I know it's just a silly avocado plant, but it is my avocado plant that I saved from the bin and now it's growing like mad. It's almost 40 centimeters high now and the leaves are getting really big. I still have it in the glass of water and I'm wondering when I should plant it in a flower pot. I'm afraid of that. The thought of doing it wrong and killing this lovely plant after I have come so far is killing me. I read on the net that avocados plant will only grow avocados after about seven years and I now face a dilemma. What should I do with the avocado when it gets too big for our house? We can't have a whole tree in the house. The house is simply not big enough. Brining it outside will surely kill it, because in the winter it's much too cold for avocado trees where I live. So now I have thought of the plan that I will give it away when it has grown up and see to it that it will get a new home with someone that has enough space, or perhaps somebody with a hothouse. So, if it does not die on me, in a couple of years I will start looking for a new home for my avocado. I hope it doesn't grow too fast.

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