20210722 Cutlery

I inherited a set of cutlery from my grandmother. The knive blades are made of stainless steel, but the handles are made of silver. The forks and spoons are entirely made of silver. All handles are engraved with my grandmothers' elegant initials. ES. They must be about one hundred years old. The knives are long and heavy, the spoons are much bigger that spoons today and the forks are so long that we regularly get comments about them when we have visitors for dinner. I inherited them when I was about 18, just when I moved out and went to university. I have been using them daily ever since. It is one thing to have photos and letters from your ancestors, but using their cutlery is special to me. They have been using these same spoons, knives and forks one hundred years ago and I'm sure they never thought their grandchildren and great-grandchildren would still be using them. I sometimes wonder what will be left of us in one hundred years. I'm sure it won't be cutlery.

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