20210724 Isetta

I was twelve years old when my father bought a BMW Isetta. Later, when he retired he bought more BMW oldtimers, but that first one has always been special to me. I'm not that interested in cars, but I grew up with that Isetta and I made many trips with it together with my father. I always enjoyed it. Those were the few moments we did something together. It was a fun car to drive and we always had a lot of attention. I remember when we took part in an oldtimer rally and all other cars were expensive big oldtimers, like old Jaguars and Rolls-Royces and then, at the end of the line, after all those magnificent cars, we followed along with our Isetta and most people started to laugh because the contrast was so big. When we married we used the Isetta as our wedding car. We could also have used the BMW 501 that my father owned. My father rented that car as a wedding car more than once, but for me there was only the Isetta. I will always remember that trip. The two of us, together in that tiny, silly car, on our way to the wedding. When my father died we sold all his cars, including the Isetta. That was a difficult decision, but like I said, I'm not a car person. We found a guy that took good care of it and he said we would always be welcome to come along and drive the Isetta if we wanted to. That was good enough for us. Now we have a model Isetta from my father's collection sitting on a shelf of our bookcase. It is a reminder of that car and the good times I had with with my father.