20210726 Towels

I still don't get it after almost twenty years of living together. We have a couple of hooks in the kitchen for towels and I pretty much hang a new towel there every single day. The problem is that all other inhabitants of this house use the towel by picking it from the hook, walking around the room drying their hands and then they just throw it somewhere on the ground, or on a chair, or wherever they feel like. And so, if I want to dry my hands two hours later, I always have to search the living room for a towel, or, the alternative, grab a new towel from the closet. I hate this. Why can't everybody just hang the damn towel on one of those hooks where they belong? It's not that difficult. And now the room is always a mess, because you have used towels lying around everywhere. This is one of those things you have to live with when you live together. It is a small annoyance that can sometimes grow into a big annoyance, but you always know it is not so important as to make a big fuss about it. But still. I hate it. I considered buying new hooks and towels and buying a lock to fasten them to the hooks and then I'd be the only one to have the key, but I figured that would be too much for such a problem. But then again, I'm still considering it, just to make my point.

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