20210728 Doormat

We have a doormat at the door to the garden and it's useless. This is probably the first time I think about this consciously, but we have had that doormat for years and it sucks at the only thing it was made for, trapping dirt when you walk inside. This doormat doesn't do anything. It just lies there collecting dust and when you walk inside with muddy boots it doesn't catch the mud, but stays like it was and then you walk inside and the whole floor is a muddy mess. It has been nagging me for years, but I'm not someone that likes to think about such minor issues in life. SO it's my own fault. I should have bought a better doormat years ago. Or I should stop walking inside with muddy boots and do like civilised people do in civilised countries and take off my shoes when I walk inside. I hate it that when you think about a doormat the whole world comes crushing down on you and you realise that you're an idiot.

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